About Our East London Recording Studio

Smokehouse Studios is a medium sized high quality multi-track audio recording studio in Wapping, East London. Established as a recording studio in 1994, the Smokehouse prides itself on its long-standing collection of vintage musical instruments, amplifiers, microphones, tape machines and analogue signal processing gear.

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Smokehouse Facebook

Believe it or not the Smokehouse is an avid "facebooker", must be all those hours waiting for the band to show up. It's a great way to connect into what's happening at the Smokehouse today.

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Lane Mobile Studios

The Smokehouse partners with Lane Mobile Studios for remote recording. Lane Mobile studios is the only fully analogue multitrack mobile studio in Europe. To find out more please click this link.

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Smokehouse Night Sessions

So we are busy enough during the day that we now have to start booking the night out at The Smokehouse. Luckily we have just the batty engineer to do it, in fact the most talented engineer we have seen in years. Jump on this offer while you can if you are looking for a […]

Editors at The Smokehouse

  The Editors came down and popped out these songs in quick succession, great band!